Hello everyone;
This company Samsung who they think they are the most popular brand, not anymore they must catch a wake up they are in business because of people like you and me buying what are producing, but what could happen we start buying the same from LG, Sony, Apple, Nokia and many other famous brands that make the same thing, Samsung will feel as my friend without his innov8.

 So please avoid buying anything from Samsung till they return the Cellphone of my friend in one piece!! I will let you know when it happen.

That below is how everything happen:

(Copy and paste of the last E-Mails to Samsung customer Care!

                                                   Ke       Key Accounts
Aug 18 /2017

Good day Paul

Your device has been received by our technician. We are waiting for feedback on whether the GPS on the device can be restored or not.

You mentioned that you dropped the device in liquid when you and your friend were throwing it at each other. I’ve been advised that the device is not switching on now. Please see the pictures attached.

I will provide you with feedback on Monday as I am waiting for the technician s technical report.


Linda Sekobane

Next E-Mail:

Paul Mackena <>
Sep 1 /2017


to KeyAccounts


Attention Linda Sekobane

Hi Linda it's been 2 weeks , I always I tell my fellow bikers "better no news than bad news"

But at least some news;

Please send me some feed back about the Innov8

Thank you

Regards: Paul Mackena

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Paul Mackena <>
Sep 5 / 2017


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Hi Linda

On Friday 18 of August you say in your E-Mail “ I will provide you with feedback on Monday” that was 21/8/2017; It’s been more than 2 weeks, I know the Innov8 is not the only phone to fix by your technicians but nothing stop them to give me some feedback. Do I need to contact again Samsung Customer Care , do I need to contact your manager, I just I want the innov8 of my friend as he got it 8years ago with the GPS running.


Paul Mackena
Today is Thursday 21 of September of 2017, this information is going straight into face book so all the people can  see the real face of Samsung Customer Care and as they say, If your customer care is so deplorable why people will still buying Samsung phones when there are other chipper android phones that do the same and get better customer care. Don’t make me start talking about the amazing I phones that I recommend with the eyes close.
 Paul Mackena
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Hello Samsung, Paul Mackena here did you finish to fix the innov8 of my friend Diego or I must dig more wrong doing to your customers and cellphones alike;
I will be spreading this news all over the net from tomorrow  till next week then I will dig for more of your wrong doing, I told you had open “Pandoras box” when you fail to give right in the beginning the codes to open the maps for route 66 southern Africa, all this escalation is because of the incompetence of your customer care, they suck; Now I’m showing you I was not bluffing when I say I bring down in the same way a Greek Millionaire Sarios Tokmakidis, I exposing for Tax evasion and pollution and lost all the main clients. Google his name!!
Fix the innov8 of my friend, who knows what else I can find of Samsung doggy finances and making it public, I’m the president of a biker club so I’m not afraid at all, at the contrary bring it on!!             My friend is a biker too and we don’t take any bull. Today is Thursday 21 of September of 2017, this information is going straight into face book to see the real face of Samsung Customer Care and as they say, With your customer care been so deplorable why people still buying Samsung phones is amazing, “Silent of the Lambs” People buy chipper android phones that do the same and get better customer care. Don’t make me start talking about the amazing I phones that I recommend with the eyes close.
Regards: Paul Macken
All this above is nothing compare as the way Samsung drop the ball with my friend Cell, he have a  Samsung Innov8 i8510 he buy it in November 2008 and never ever need it to repaid anything on it not even a screen crack, but like many Cells with symbianng, dropping calls, switching off by itself, then one customer care suggest to do a hard reset without tell  him that the GPS will stop working and that is going to need codes from ROUTE 66; route 66 is gone, now he depends on the people of samsung to find the right 16 digit  code that will open the maps for Southern Africa 2008; It’s been a month trying to get the codes, I put on the table for samsung another idea (Plan B) find a Old  Innov8 or Omnia, both with a navigator GPS send anyone to him , I will pay Cash on deliver for the delivery and the courier will take the cell of my friend back to Samsung for them to inspect. I think that is the fairest solution.
This is just a small sample of what I’m going to write against Samsung as it is in your  face book page you can deleted page, once is in my page and of my friend,  Samsung can’t do nothing and will be expose for every wrong ever done!!
Find a replacement cell or fix the cell for my friend ASAP………………..   
 Kind Regards : Paul Mackena